Endless Entertainment Specialty Talent Agency was developed in 2010 by creative director and active company member Meredith Hope. We are a full service event and production company with more than 10 years of experience in live production. Our diverse international agency has worked on over 700 productions! Our unique urban studio and booking agency houses performers ranging from freestyle hip-hop and classically trained dancers to cirque acrobats and modern flow artists.


Our talent/services include: 

  • main stage entertainment

  • cirque and circus performance

  • dancers

  • aerialists

  • acrobats

  • fire performances

  • character work (including clowning and miming)

  • stilt walking

  • roaming circus productions of varying themes

  • theatrical shows

  • videos, film, and more!

From any theme to scheme, we have choreographed routines and troop costuming. We would love to bring one of our established productions to you or co-create a customized concept for your event, festival, or video. Our performers and production team have an endless range of talents and skills! We love what we do and guarantee to provide the most talented performers to bring your vision to life. Our team is 100% aligned with our mission and our core values of breathing passion, selfless service, and growth into everything we do.

Meredith Hope
Meredith Hope
Founder and Creative Director