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"Around The World" Production

"Around the World "Production Let us take you on a journey Around the World! We will fully immerse our audience into the Age of Exploration through the discoveries of our main voyager, Muhammad. The Renaissance was not only a great time for England, but for the rest of the World. Cultures far and wide where then beginning to communicate and trade goods and ideas. Muhammad is a Nigerian Ambassador with a love for music, demonstrating traditional drum and dance from his home land as well as The Middle East and The Polynesian Islands. The audience will receive historical background and cultural education as part of this journey, along with crowd participation for dancing and drumming! A truly wonderful experience for people of all ages. Let us use the magic of music to create a fun cultural atmosphere that anyone can enjoy. More conservative costumes are available upon request. This show can be offered as a full scale production, flash mob, cultural class or interactive summer camp. Check us out your "Around The World" Summer Camp in link below! Bookings please go to

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