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Authentic African Dancers

African dance refers to a wide variety of dances and movement styles performed in those countries located south of the Sahara Desert. Dancers and drummers introduce traditional rhythms and movements from their native countries. African dance is also known popularly as "Afro" . There are many cultural differences in musical and movement styles, depending on the origin. Though these dance styles vary across tribes and nations, they are all deeply steeped in ritual and history. For most tribes, dance is used for more than simple entertainment. Dance can represent prayer, emotional communication, rites of passage, and much more. Endless Entertainment specializes in many African dance styles. They have been a staple in the African dance community in Atlanta Georgia for many years. Performing at weddings, festivals, and even teaching workshops. They are the best in the business when it comes to authentic African tribal dance. To make your upcoming event an extra special one, please go to

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