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Do you Believe in Magic?

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Magic is one of the oldest and most successful performing arts, and it started as a form of entertainment at fairs in the 19th century. These days, magic is seen everywhere, from TV shows and theaters to corporate parties and children’s birthdays – it’s impossible not to love it. It would be very hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy a good magic act. But why are people so drawn to magic? If they weren’t, famous magicians like David Copperfield would not have sold tickets worth billions of dollars. Psychologists are a category of scientists who have researched magic and the fascination it provokes to audiences. Some of the conclusions researchers have drawn are that people are attracted to things that cannot be explained logically

This starts from the first months of life, when infants can be entertained for hours by playing Peek-a-Boo. The idea of something appearing and disappearing in front of them makes babies feel delighted, and when we grow up things don’t change very much. It’s just the trick that becomes more complicated – a signed card disappears out of your sight to be later found in your pocket. If we go deeper to our roots, we’ll see that the human brain has evolved to make sense of the world, and we need this in order to survive and thrive. We like to generate explanations for everything that happens, and when we cannot do that, we get a thrill – how was it possible to cut the magician’s assistant in two and see her safe and sound minutes later? Also, we love the feel of wonder! We like to think it may be possible for some unbelievable things to happen, such as people levitating or teleporting. A part of us wants to believe magic is real and even educated people end up believing some magicians have special skills for reading the audience’s mind. Thats why magicians have become prominent figures in the entertainment field. Its common to see magicians for hire at parties, gatherings, events, and live shows. Attendees of these events will have a lasting impression of awe and wonder! Even grown adults will feel their inner child come to life again. Magicians are perfect for corporate events, birthday parties, and more! Magicians are among the most unique and talented entertainers out there. You won't believe your eyes! If you are planning a special occasion, you might want to consider hiring a magician to make it a extra magical event! Endless Entertainment knows this and has been the best in the business when it comes to Magic! From performing magicians, to full on illusion shows. They hire only the most talented magicians from Las Vegas to Atlanta. Their well known world-class magic shows never cease to amaze their audiences! To book your very own magician for your upcoming event, you can go to

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