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Playing with Fire...

Humans have a long fascination of pushing nature's boundaries. From from surfing the oceans giant waves, to quite literally playing with fire. Man has always been drawn to fire, and now they even dance with it! The ancient art of fire dancing began hundreds of years ago by the people of Polynesia. It is believed that the Maori people of New Zealand were the first pioneers as the originators of poi. Maoris warriors originally used poi as a form of exercise to train for battle or hunting. By swinging the heavy balls they developed wrist strength and flexibility to handle various weapons and tools. Eventually poi was used as a form of storytelling and dance. The art of dipping poi balls into fuel and lighting them on fire occurred in the mid 20th century, as a progression of the Samoan fire knife.

Since, many fire props have been added to the list such as fire hoop, fire staff, fire fans, and even fire whips! Many different cultures throughout history have combined fire and dance, although it didn’t become popular in America until the early 1990s. Fire and dance have been used for sacred purposes, festivals, celebrations, rituals, art, storytelling, theatrics, and healing at some point in almost every culture since the beginning of humans. Today there are hundreds of fire dancing troupes across the nation, each specializing in their own specific tools and types of dance.

There is one fire group in particular that far exceed the expectations of their audiences. Endless Entertainment is a talent agency based out of Atlanta, Georgia, who is known especially for their fire troupe! They have some of the best fire performers from Altanta to Las Vegas! Their live fire productions have been the best rated performances in the south east region. They are continuously taking the art of fire dancing to the next level! From their stilt walking fire dancers, to fire breathing, to their full scale fire extravaganza show! To bring the fire to your next event, go to

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