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Sexy Heel Dance meets the Circus!

Heels dance is a dance form that emerged and evolved in the United States and Europe in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. It is named after the women's shoe style, since one of its distinguishing features is the wearing of high-heeled shoes during performance. Heels dance is a solo dance genre often featured in routines seen in pop and hip-hop music videos. Its techniques and dance vocabulary derive from a wide range of dance styles used in music video choreography as well as traditional dance genres. It is characterized by dynamic footwork & technique from jazz dance, showgirl dance (the first style of technical dance to be performed in heels), ballroom dance and Latin dance. It is also used in some go-go dancing performances. Many other dance styles have influenced this modern day dance style: for example, torso isolations borrowed from belly dance and hip hop dance, floor work, fluid arm work and body language in some forms of heels dance coming from exotic dancing (such as pole dance floorwork) and contemporary dance. Heels dance is in high demand as it is becoming an increasingly popular dance style.

Endless Entertainment, a premier talent agency, had took heels to another level by adding circus arts in an incredible show called "Cirque Du Sensual". These lovely ladies have wowed audiences all over the continent with this seductive piece of art! They have made appearances on music videos, dancing for rappers, and performing live productions from Las Vegas to Atlanta. Catch out the teaser reel!

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