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Teamwork makes the Dreamwork!

What is Partner Acro? Partner Acrobatics, AcroYoga, AcroBalance are a practice that consists of two or more people who perform acrobatics lift and tricks together. Partner Acro cultivates trust, connection and playfulness while ingaging in supportive partner stretching, assisted inversions, acrobatic flying transitions and counterbalance tricks. The practice is incredibly fun and playful while improving fitness, tone, strength, balance, confidence, trust and communication. Some partners take their performance to new and exciting heights by adding flips and tricks to traditional partner stunts. The different duos may focus on slightly different aspects of the practice. Whilesome may prefer the benifits of acroyoga, some focus on incorporating dance/performance aspects into their work.

Take these performers(shown above) from Endless Entertainment, they have a 12-year history of designing shows and high end performances all over the world. They have performed in 20 different countries in addition to all over the U.S, they were featured on ABC, NBC, and have even had brand associated with household names such as Dos Equis, Delta Airlines, and Coca-Cola. Their shows include traditional partner acrobatics, but also role reversal act based off of the premise that a girl can do anything a guy can do. Endless Entertainment in proud to book the best partner acrobatic performers from around the world! For booking inquires please go to

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