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Walking Trees!!!

Did you know that trees could walk??? A particular tree called the "walking palm" tree(Socratea exorrhiza) is known to travel up to 20 meters per year! This amazing ambulatory ability of the walking tree has been a nature wonder to many for years now. It's migration abilities are a true spectacle of plant adaptation. The tree slowly 'walks' from shade to sunlight by growing new roots toward the light and allowing the old roots interfering with its wanderlust to die.

An Entertainment agency in Atlanta, GA, were inspired by this amazing tree to create a real live stilt walking tree creature! You may see this unique tree creature captivating audiences at events, parties, and festivals from Atlanta to Las Vegas. Endless Entertainment strives to bring the best entertainment to while incorporating things that inspire, like thing famous walking tree. Endless Entertainment has been brining art to life, smiles to faces, and making everyone feel closer to Mother Nature herself by creating mystical costumes such as this one. You can book this towering stilt walking creature at your next event by going to

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