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Stage Shows

Cirque Du Sensual


Ooh La La….


Escape reality with our erotic circus enchantresses and take a journey of tantalizing curiosity. Release your inhibitions and embrace your sensuality as you experience circus like never before! 

Discover your forbidden fantasies as you watch our exotic acrobats unleash themselves. Lets see how far they’ll go..


This show is intended for mature audiences. Don’t miss this Stiletto Circus Unhinged!

Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 11.57.21

Nightmare Cirque

Photo Sep 10, 8 09 00 PM.jpg

Endless Entertainment brings you the show that you've been dying for. Filled with ghouls, werewolves and zombies around every corner bringing you hysterical comedy and jaw-dropping TRICKS N TREATS. Follow the bloody path of this twisted clown serial killer to the Nightmare Cirque. Haunted by a skull of his tormented past, we introduce to you the new Ringleader, Morticai, the soultaker of the underworld. Join this psychopath for an evening of the extraordinaire, because the only nightmare would be missing the show! for creating page titles with impact.

Photo Sep 10, 9 06 25 PM.jpg

Voodoo Cirque

*Voodoo Cirque Photo 6.jpg

Prepare to be hypnotized by the black magic Voodoo Circus. Grab your sage and your rabbit’s foot to ward off the spells of a twisted witch doctor. Lifeless dolls animated by the evil sorcery of a psychotic shaman. Ringleader Ju Bois, a dark Johnny Depp flair, bringing you a shocking dichotomy of comedy and madness in this unhinged Circus Spectacular!

*Voodoo Cirque Photo 4.jpg
*Voodoo Cirque Photo 5.jpg

Freak Show Bazaar

Ladies and gentlemen! Step right up to see the show of a lifetime! We have searched far and wide to bring you a twisted range of daring acts from the most unusual humans! From flesh hooked bodies to obscure oddities, we have all the thrills to give you chills!


Fire eating & Fire Breathing, Magic and Illusions, Glass Walking, Human Block-Heads, Knife Throwing, Acrobatic Stunts, Sword Swallowing, flesh suspension, and more!!!

freakshow cyclopse.gif

Have a great idea that you want to see come to life? Contact us today  a customized production and lets co-create a magical show together!

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