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Atlanta's Hottest Hip Hop Dancers!

Hip Hop is a movement that represents the freedom to learn, grow, and evolve.This urban style dance is part of a whole culture of Hip Hop, branching off with several sub-styles of dance, including Breaking. Atlanta is a hub for the most talented hip hop dancers in the world. Endless Entertainment in an elite talent agency, home to many of Atlantas top dancers. With over 8 years of experience and 2,000 productions, tours in multiple countries and around the US, these seasoned professionals always light up the stage! And sometimes they bring the stage to you with their surprisingly spectacular flash mob! From weddings, to proposals, to random dance parties in the middle of the city! Their most requested flash mob in the timeless "Thriller" dance! Complete with a real live Micheal Jackson impersonator! To book the best Hip Hop Dancers, MJ Impersonator, Breakdancers, or Flash mob, please go to

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