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Voodoo Cirque Specialty Entertainment

Halloween 2021 is just around the corner and Endless Entertainment is here to present their immortal Voodoo Cirque, combining high level circus acts, dance, with LED and Fire incorporation, in a drop dead show to leave you breathless! Sit back and watch as our performers take you along their bone shaking curse to entertain the masses for all eternity. Prepare to be hypnotized by the black magic Voodoo Circus. Grab your sage and your rabbit’s foot to ward off the spells of a twisted witch doctor. Lifeless dolls animated by the evil sorcery of a psychotic shaman. Ringleader Ju Bois, a dark Johnny Depp flair, bringing you a shocking dichotomy of comedy and madness in this unhinged Circus Spectacular! Missing these thrills would be a true NIGHTMARE! Production shows are perfect for Las Vegas or Las Vegas - style shows. Nightmare Cirque provides flair to your Halloween party. Whether you are looking for a Fire Dance performer or frighteningly scary Acrobatic performances, we have the best performances to bring to your next Las Vegas or Atlanta show. Endless Entertainment can also be filmed! Turn your film, TV series, or music video into a true horror beauty with performers chosen just for you. Endless provides truly the most wonderful group performances! Invite our incredible Voodoo Cirque Troupe with LED and Fire incorporation to your next resort or cruise ship entertainment. We have special offers and packages for Atlanta and Las Vegas Event Planners ! Your one stop shop for all your dance and circus speciality entertainment. Whatever the venue, Endless has got you! Light up your Casino, Resort, or Cruise Ship with Endless Entertainment’s best LED dance troupe. Endless can come live in concert or film us for your new upcoming Movie , Television Series. Add Fire or LED dancers to your music video to really get it to pop! Endless Entertainment is Atlanta's premiere Cirque Entertainment Company, producing the most eclectic collection of circus and dance talent. Our wide network of smiling, talented, friendly, highly skilled professionals strive to keep our clients Endlessly Entertained. Not in the Atlanta or Las Vegas area? Endless Entertainment can come to you, wherever you are. We not only perform in Atlanta or Las Vegas, but also Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and even Tennessee! Here at Endless Entertainment if you can dream it, we can achieve it. The possibilities are ENDLESS!

Check out some clips from our Voodoo Cirque on our Youtube channel linked below:




IG: @Endless.Entertainment.Atlanta

Facebook: @EndlessEntertainmentAtl

Endless Entertainment Talent:

  • Hip-hop Dancers

  • Break Dancers

  • Belly Dancers

  • Impersonators

  • Aerial Artists

  • Flappers

  • Fire Performers

  • Burlesque

  • Actors

  • Rollerskaters

  • Dog show

  • Flashmob

  • AfroBeat Dancers

  • Illusionists

  • Drummers

  • Clowns

  • Mimes

  • Acrobats

  • Models

  • Stilts

  • SFX Makeup Artists

  • Caribbean Dancers

  • Gogo Dancers

  • Heel Dancers

  • Singers

  • Pirates

  • Musicians

  • Jazz Performers

  • Magician

  • Art Installations

  • Snake Charmers

  • Psychics

  • Acrobatic Dancers

Book all varieties of CIRCUS performances for any event!

Resort Entertainment ---- Private Event ---- Bar/Bat Mitzvah ---- Weddings ---- Graduations ---- Family Reunions ---- Casino Entertainment ---- Circus Shows ---- College Events

Birthday Party ---- Pool Party ---- Grand Openings ---- Corporate Events

Dinner Theater ---- Cruise Ship Entertainment ----

Video Shoots ---- Theatrical Productions ---- Any Celebration/Meeting!

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